Marks of the Forbidden

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Book I of the Defenders of the Earth Series

On his twenty-fourth birthday, Daniel Nielstrom is abducted from his comfortable life in South Dakota. Many weeks later, he awakes under the blazing sun in an unfamiliar Middle Eastern desert with tattoos covering his body and no real knowledge of what has happened to him. Confused by his newfound circumstances Daniel relies on his innate abilities to begin the treacherous journey back to his life. Except, his old life is gone forever.

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An avid historian with a vivid imagination, Danielson has painstakingly researched some of history’s most enigmatic events, many that defy explanation on a logical level, and interwoven outstanding fictitious “resolutions” to these enigmas by introducing the mysterious “Choosers” who select certain prime individuals to become nearly supernatural “Defenders” of the earth in times of crisis.

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Olaf Danielson




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