No Peace in Exile

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Book Two of the Defenders of the Earth series.
Choosers roam the world seeking young men and women to become Defenders of the Earth, special people with extraordinary powers who strive to keep equilibrium in our world. So when Burke, a Chooser, is murdered, the male Defenders and their spiritual sisters, the powerful Volva, soon realize someone desires their elimination, and it may be one of their own!

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Defender Daniel Nielstrom travels to the secret temple of the Volva, seeking peace after eliminating a megalomaniac bent on world destruction but uncovering a nuclear bomb ticking much too close to the temple gates. His temple visit is brief, as he must seek out and stop a killer focused on deadly revenge.
Daniel tracks the assassin from the Ethiopian desert to Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic, known as the most remote island in the world, from his ancestral home in Sweden to the Four Corners of the American Southwest, and finally to the mystical mounds of Cahokia, an ancient culture in the American Midwest. As he slowly uncovers clues, Daniel’s psychic and spiritual powers continue to evolve in this second, powerful, Defenders of the Earth thriller.

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Olaf Danielson




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