City of Witches


Casey Wren is a man who fled his past and now protects NASCAR’s brightest young star, Tommy Romero, a Hispanic kid who is even more popular in Mexico than he is in the U.S. But Tommy is a man in search of a legacy greater than that of the greatest race-car driver on the planet, and his ambition leads him into a confrontation with the most ruthless and powerful drug lord in all of Mexico, a man known as El Mago—The Sorcerer.

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El Mago is reluctant to kill such a popular figure, so he devises a plan to disgrace Tommy; then he can kill him, and no one will care. Survival and redemption require a journey to Mexico’s City of Witches where La Bruja Blanca, a beautiful woman revered as the High Priestess of Witchcraft, holds the keys to the destinies of Tommy and Casey.

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Gary Nei


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