The Windigo: Defenders of the Earth Series # 4


It is the time of Ragnarok, our final fate. The roles and history of the Defenders, Choosers, and Old Ones have always been clear to Daniel, Sebastian, and the Aesir…until now. An old enemy, The Society of the Devil’s Tears, is back and attempting to take control of the world. The Aryans have also returned and seem to have placed a traitor among the Choosers. Who will control the new world order? And who will survive?

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The Windigo is the final saga of the Defenders of the Earth series.  In it, we find out the real paradigm of human existence and learn if even the combined might of the Choosers and the Defenders are enough to defeat these all-powerful entities and those that serve them.  Ours is a bleak future, but Ragnarök also foretells us of a marvelous rebirth, a life free of some terrible presence.  The only question is: Will any of us be around to enjoy this little piece of hope?

It has been many years since Daniel, the great Defender of the Earth, battled the dark forces bent on destroying and enslaving mankind. But these evil forces, though defeated, never stopped preparing for the inevitable final confrontation – the apocalypse. To save humanity, the Defenders of the Earth must find and destroy beings they didn’t even know existed, The Windigo – a force so evil, it can lead you to a place even worse than hell.


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