Shaved Ice


Two years have passed in the lives of the unforgettable characters introduced in The Muted Mermaid. Win and Amelia are happily married…Sam and Glory Be have an adorable baby girl…Reggie is retired and fishing whenever he can… Professor Albert Bryan is back at the university on Florida’s gulf coast, and, as Shaved Ice begins, Ledge Trabue is fulfilling another dream on a boating trip in Florida. All is well…

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There’s been a shooting, and my friends were involved. The words ricocheted through Trabue’s head as he read and re-read the shocking message sent from Nashville. How…and more importantly…why…had this tragedy happened? It simply made no sense.

Plucked from Florida by a DEA helicopter, Trabue and Professor Bryan are whisked to a horrific crime scene near Nashville where they must begin unraveling what really happened while coping with their grief. Gradually, as they piece the puzzling bits of evidence together, they realize that the incredible evil of the Hart-Fellows empire that they exposed and destroyed two years before has somehow found new life and is now, impossibly, hiding in plain sight.

Many favorite characters from The Muted Mermaid return in this, the second novel in the Ledge Trabue series. Joining them are colorful new characters like Crazy White Boy Donny, Special Agent Barry Reeves, and reporter Carole Weathers, who add new twists to the nail-biting, can’t-put-it-down plot.

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Del Staecker


Hardcover, Soft Cover


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