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D-Day: The Invasion That Saved Civilization
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D-Day: The Invasion That Saved Civilization

Growing Up Minneapolis & Minnetonka


The Communist Chasm

The Communist Chasm

Life is a Game

Life is a Game

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Those Incomparable Bonanzas

Those Incomparable Bonanzas

They Called Me Mr. Bonanza

They Called me Mr Bonanza

From Travel Air to Baron

From Travel Air to Baron
The Communist Chasm

The Communist Chasm chosen as a Reviewer’s Choice by the Midwest Book Review!

The emigration of thousands of Finnish Americans was known as Karelian Fever. For most, it is an unknown slice of American history.


The Communist Chasm begins in America and ends in Russia’s Karelia. It is a story of hope for a better life, pride in making a difference in a new land, and devastating loss.

From the Midwest Book Review: An exceptionally well-written and organized piece of history that rescues an horrific episode in the American experience for uncounted numbers of Finnish emigrants and their families whose idealistic hopes were cruelly abused by a hostile reality that led to their deaths. This is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to everyone’s reading collection.


Elmer Wisherd was laid to rest on D-Day in Bruce, Wisconsin, on the 78th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy in a stirring military graveside ceremony. Wisherd passed away on June 1, 2022, at exactly 101 years and 6 months old. He was born on December 1, 1920, in North Dakota to Frank and Edith Wisherd. The family moved by train to Bruce, Wisconsin, when Elmer was an infant with the family and their belongings in one rail car and their farm animals in another. Elmer helped on the family farm in Bruce, tending the fields with a team of mules until they were replaced many years later by a tractor. He served as a troop-carrier crew chief during World War II and was involved in several major European battles besides the Invasion of Normandy.

After the war, Elmer married Floy Fillion – a marriage that lasted over 72 years. His love of flight took him to Arizona for schooling that resulted in a long career as the FBO at the Rusk County Airport in Tony, Wisconsin. Hundreds of school kids took their first plane ride with Elmer, and he soloed hundreds of future pilots. On one special flight, Elmer flew from Grantsburg, Wisconsin, with two new pilots who had just successfully passed their tests – his wife Floy and son Scott.

Some of his various other jobs included school bus driver and school board member. He also phoned in the weather forecast to the local radio station so, if someone didn’t personally know Elmer, they knew his voice.

Elmer was a Boy Scout leader and coached Little League baseball. For many years, he pitched horseshoes competitively. For the last few years, he also enjoyed pitching his memoirs, Clear the Prop!
He was currently an active member of the Ladysmith VFW and was very proud to have served his country in WWII. Elmer’s love for our country deepened as the years passed.
His was a full life that was well-lived, and the highlights of his life are recounted in Clear the Prop! (see below)

Clear the Prop!

Clear the Prop!

Elmer Wisherd is busy signing our latest best seller.

Elmer Wisherd checks out his new book, printed by Publishers Express Press in Tony, Wisconsin, while Jerry Elling and Floy Wisherd look on. Jerry is the owner of Publishers Express Press and at one time took flight instruction from Elmer.

Elmer Wisherd was born in the pothole region in north central North Dakota in 1920. When he was just a few months old, his parents loaded their six children, possessions, and livestock into a few rail cars and moved to northern Wisconsin. Elmer grew up on the family farm where his fascination with aviation began. One day, while plowing a field with a team of mules, Elmer became distracted by a plane circling nearby. When he looked down again, the mules were cutting across the freshly plowed furrows and heading directly for the barn.
Elmer’s military career began after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He became a troop carrier crew chief on a C-47 in the 91st Troop Carrier Squadron, serving in the European Theater. The squadron was tasked with dropping paratroopers and towing gliders into battle zones and delivering supplies to the ground forces. He was involved in seven major battles, where their plane, nicknamed “Ruca,” was often hit but always managed to land safely.
After WWII, Elmer’s aviation career continued as a mechanic, flight instructor, and crop duster before becoming the first FBO (fixed base operator) at Rusk County Airport near Tony, Wisconsin. At the start, the airport consisted of a sod runway, a wind sock, and three tie-downs. Through sheer determination, Elmer and his wife, Floy, developed the airport into a thriving business.
Clear the Prop: Memoirs of a WWII Troop Carrier Crew Chief & Life-long Pilot sweeps through decades of aviation history. The stories of planes flying upside down, crash landings, forced landings, miracle landings, and planes exploding in fiery infernos combine with the many fascinating people Elmer has known during his remarkable career.
At his first book signing at the Ladysmith (WI) Public Library in January, Elmer learned all about writer’s cramp after signing books continuously for nearly three hours. We wish Elmer the best of luck with Clear the Prop!

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