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Tribute to Gene Boyer

LTC GENE BOYER TRIBUTE - Nan Wisherd, read by Jackie Boor during Memorial services for Col. Boyer at the Nixon Library on Friday, September 9. Services begin at 10 AM I felt [...]

Congratulations Olaf Danielson!

Is Olaf Danielson a “wing nut?” Or does he just have a “fowl obsession?” Well, perhaps both are true… Olaf is a very serious birder and, in July, achieved what was previously believed to [...]

Hit Play Glensheen Based on Cable Publishing Book

The History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, has a hit play, “Glensheen,” running until July 31. Based on Cable Publishing’s best seller, Glensheen’s Daughter, by Sharon Darby Hendry, the play focuses on the misdeeds of [...]

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Cable Publishing began in 1999 with the release of Glensheen’s Daughter. Now with nearly 100,000 copies in print, our best seller has been joined by dozens of additional titles. Although specializing in nonfiction, we offer an array of fascinating titles in genres including history, aviation, novels, mysteries, children’s books, medical, and self-help.
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