Anders Zorn: Unveiled


Dr. Alan Zorn Evardson is having a mid-life crisis. He isn’t respected at his hospital. He feels ignored by his wife and family, and he doesn’t even know his true ancestry. His life could subscribe to Murphy’s Law, except that nothing ever goes wrong, because nothing ever happens. What the unhappy physician doesn’t know is that, for his entire life, he has been looking all around him without seeing anything.

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This all changes one day when, just before a vacation to Sweden, a dying patient offers the doctor (wallowing, as usual, in self-pity) an alternative. Will he exchange his mundane and obscure life for this unknown? In Anders Zorn, Unveiled, secrets are everywhere – in Alan’s life and, in the larger sense, hidden and obscured by time. As some secrets are unveiled, there are forces that will kill to keep others hidden.

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Olaf Danielson


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