The Ice Trolls


In 1939, the German cargo ship Erlangen snuck out of a New Zealand harbor and vanished. Three people, destined to shape world history, were aboard this insignificant ship: a wily sea captain, Karl Ehrich; his first mate, Mueller, a seemingly trustworthy man with dual loyality; and Elsa, the beautiful, smart, manipulative member of a shadowy group, the Black Knights, with their own agenda for Germany and the world.

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Book Three of the Defenders of the Earth series.
The Ice Trolls, the prequel to the Defenders of the Earth series, is the story of Operation High Jump, which began two years after World War II ended and whose repercussions are still felt today. The mythologies of every great culture point to a confluence of calamities that mark the end of life as we know it, and with Ehrlich and Elsa at the center, these events have now begun.

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Olaf Danielson


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