• Soldier, scientist, artist, author, and the Johnny Appleseed of American soccer: His was truly a “life in full.” German-born Gottfried K. “Joe” Guennel moved to the U.S. as a young teen. During World War II, he became one of the U.S. Army’s famed “Ritchie Boys” – a highly trained interrogator of German prisoners of war and war criminals. His artistic talent and interest in palynology led him to write and illustrate two well-regarded books. And woven throughout his life was his passion for soccer, which led him from the playgrounds in Germany to the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame.
  • Storm ashore with the Allied forces as they smash through Hitler’s seemingly impenetrable Atlantic Wall. Descend from the clouds with sky troopers who overcame their fear of death to liberate a continent. Be with the decision-makers as they plan Operation Overlord, the invasion that changed the course of history and saved civilization.
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    To The Last Cartridge: WWII part 1

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    To The Last Cartridge Series. This series is a collection of brilliantly written stories of courage and bravery while under fire by one of America’s acclaimed historians.
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    Soldiers on Skis is a pictorial tribute to the 10th Mountain Division. Written by acclaimed military historian Flint Whitlock, their incredible story swoops into history with dozens of stunning photos.
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    Dancing through Darkness


    Dancing Through Darkness

    The unforgettable story of Saartje and Chaim, two inmates at the Sobibor Death Camp and members of the greatest escape from any Nazi camp. Based on the diary and memories of Saartje, readers are taken from her early life in Holland to the horrors of Sobibor and, finally, to life in America. Dancing Through Darkness will be available at the end of May, 2016. You may pre-order NOW!
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    The Lady Gangster

    This remarkable story began in 1967 with a broken car radio and a father-and-son’s cross-country trek. The two had been making uncomfortable small talk until the son asked, “Dad, will you tell me what you did in the war?” The father’s answer is the amazing first-hand account of the USS Fuller, The Lady Gangster, an attack transport ship and its courageous crew of “Chicago Boys” who transformed from wide-eyed new recruits to weathered “Old Salts” braving enemy attacks while delivering troops and supplies during many of the toughest battles waged in the South Pacific during World War II. It is also the poignant tale of how a simple question forged a lasting bond between a father and his son.
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    The Beasts of Buchenwald is the story of extreme lifestyles between those favored by Nazi Germany's Third Reich and the men, women, and children whom Hitler classified as undesirables. It is the story of two members of the Nazi party -- the husband and wife rulers of Buchenwald concentration camp -- who ordered the slaughter of untold numbers of helpless inmates while living a royal lifestyle within the barbed confines of hell before they, too, had to pay for their crimes.
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    “I was only seventeen years old when the knock on our door came late one night. The French police barged in, arresting me and my father as members of the French Resistance. After months of incarceration in French prisons, two thousand inmates were jammed into twenty rail cars. Our destination was Buchenwald, the most horrific camp in Nazi Germany, where we were viewed by our SS keepers as expendable sub-humans and forced to work as slave laborers. I was beaten and starved. I witnessed brutal tortures and senseless murders. But I survived.” The unforgettable memoirs of Louis Gros is the second volume of The Buchenwald Trilogy.
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    How could a sophisticated, civilized nation like Germany sink into an abyss of degradation that had no bottom? How could the SS rulers of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp torture, starve, and murder defenseless prisoners? And how could Nazi doctors use the camp as their personal, ghoulish laboratory?
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    Do Well or Die

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    Do Well or Die is the memoir of a kid from Chicago who enlisted in the U.S. Army, trained in the harsh conditions of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and fought some of Hilter’s best soldiers. Marty Daneman was a member of the 10th Mountain Division––the only American division before, during, or after World War II that was specially trained for mountain and winter warfare and then waited to be inserted into World War II at exactly the right time and place. This turned out to be the German-held northern Apennine Mountains of Italy during the last few months of the year. Once the 10th was deployed to the combat zone, it never lost a battle or gave up an inch of ground.
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    A teenage boy leaves Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s, following his Jewish father to America, and returns to his homeland as a U.S. soldier. Bernard Kahn was born in Munich, Germany, to a Jewish father and Christian mother. Persecuted by the “pure Aryans” and his schoolmates, Bernard escaped the Nazi regime and joined his father in America. While in college, he joined the U.S. Army and returned to Europe – and ultimately Munich – surviving two years of intense combat in Italy, France, and Germany as a member of the famed 45th Division, the Thunderbirds, and being among the first liberators of Dachau Concentration Camp.
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