The Beasts of Buchenwald – The Buchenwald Trilogy # I


The Beasts of Buchenwald is the story of extreme lifestyles between those favored by Nazi Germany's Third Reich and the men, women, and children whom Hitler classified as undesirables. It is the story of two members of the Nazi party — the husband and wife rulers of Buchenwald concentration camp — who ordered the slaughter of untold numbers of helpless inmates while living a royal lifestyle within the barbed confines of hell before they, too, had to pay for their crimes.


The Beasts of Buchenwald is the story of Karl Koch, Buchenwald’s first and most feared commandant, who rose through the Nazi ranks because of his extreme brutality to prisoners and reigned over one of the most horrific concentration camps in history. And it is also the story of Ilse Koch, on of the Third Reich’s most sadistic femail members, whose deeds — beatings and allegedly furnishing her home with human-skin lampshades– resulted in the war crimes’ trial of the century.

With over 100 photos, The Beasts of Buchenwald is the riveting story of horrendous crime and ultimate punishment written by acclaimed military historian Flint Whitlock.

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In 1986, after various jobs including those of a public-relations director for a professional soccer team, journalism instructor, sports columnist, advertising copywriter, art director, creative director, and owner of his own advertising and graphic design agency, Flint began writing military history. Soldiers on Skis; A Pictorial Memoir of the 10th Mountain Division, published in 1992, earned him a Pulitzer Prize nomination in history. In 2003 he realized a long-time dream by becoming a full-time author. His books have been critically acclaimed, and he as been honored with several prizes. Included in his very successful writing career are requests nationwide for speaking engagements and numerous television appearances.

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