Survivor of Buchenwald – The Buchenwald Trilogy # 2


“I was only seventeen years old when the knock on our door came late one night. The French police barged in, arresting me and my father as members of the French Resistance. After months of incarceration in French prisons, two thousand inmates were jammed into twenty rail cars. Our destination was Buchenwald, the most horrific camp in Nazi Germany, where we were viewed by our SS keepers as expendable sub-humans and forced to work as slave laborers. I was beaten and starved. I witnessed brutal tortures and senseless murders. But I survived.”

The unforgettable memoirs of Louis Gros is the second volume of The Buchenwald Trilogy.

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In Survivor of Buchenwald, we find what it was like to be incarcerated in Nazi Germany’s worst concentration camp.

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Louis Gros


Flint Whitlock


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