Do Well or Die

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Do Well or Die is the memoir of a kid from Chicago who enlisted in the U.S. Army, trained in the harsh conditions of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and fought some of Hilter’s best soldiers. Marty Daneman was a member of the 10th Mountain Division––the only American division before, during, or after World War II that was specially trained for mountain and winter warfare and then waited to be inserted into World War II at exactly the right time and place. This turned out to be the German-held northern Apennine Mountains of Italy during the last few months of the year. Once the 10th was deployed to the combat zone, it never lost a battle or gave up an inch of ground.

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Daneman captures––sometimes with irony and dry humor and at other times with a detailed description of combat’s horrors––the spirit of the time, when young men lined up to serve their country, when patriotism was in full swing, and when there was a war to be won. You will meet Johnny Dolan, Edwin “Ned” Nedoszytko, Harry Weinsaft, Tibor Mikes, Fearless Fosberg, Captain Shepard, and even Daneman’s hated battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel S—all never-to-be-forgotten characters wound into an unforgettable story.

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