Natural Forces: Jinx of the Black Lynx


Brought together by the spirit of an ancient shaman, five rowdy animal orphans have been chosen to be protectors of the planet. Each creature – Wolf, Bear, Falcon, Ferret and Badger – was given the power to morph into their adult-warrior form, and each is endowed with amazing mystical weapons and superpowers!

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The world’s most lethal hunter, Colonel Shaka, is called in to hunt down and eradicate a newly discovered species of wild cat when its very existence threatens to uncover a secretly buried arsenal of nuclear weapons in northern Minnesota. Can the Natural Forces team save the last feline of its kind and survive themselves once Shaka and his brutal army of Soldierjacks target them as well?

nfjoblbmsmFree Natural Forces Bookmarks with book purchase
Printed on recycled paper, using soy- based inks.
Tassel is 100% natural fibers.
2 X 6 inches.

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Dave Schmidt


Soft Cover


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