• It is the time of Ragnarok, our final fate. The roles and history of the Defenders, Choosers, and Old Ones have always been clear to Daniel, Sebastian, and the Aesir…until now. An old enemy, The Society of the Devil’s Tears, is back and attempting to take control of the world. The Aryans have also returned and seem to have placed a traitor among the Choosers. Who will control the new world order? And who will survive?
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    Chocolate Soup

    Ledge Trabue — Gulf War veteran, sleuth, and adventurer — is finally home and comfortably ensconced at the Colonnade hotel in New Orleans, enjoying his particularly unique lifestyle and his eclectic group of friends. All is well, or so it seems, until his finicky stomach starts its disturbing habit of flip-flopping — Trabue's early-warning system
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    Shaved Ice

    Two years have passed in the lives of the unforgettable characters introduced in The Muted Mermaid. Win and Amelia are happily married…Sam and Glory Be have an adorable baby girl…Reggie is retired and fishing whenever he can… Professor Albert Bryan is back at the university on Florida’s gulf coast, and, as Shaved Ice begins, Ledge Trabue is fulfilling another dream on a boating trip in Florida. All is well…
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    The Muted Mermaid

    Del Staecker’s awesome literary skills are revealed with our release of The Muted Mermaid. Set in Nashville, the murder mystery introduces recurring characters in the Ledge Trabue Mystery Series while captivating readers with a fast-paced story that’s impossible to put down.
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