Cracking the Double Standard Code


In Cracking the Double Standard Code, June Werdlow Rogers, a retired Special Agent in Charge for the DEA, has brought to light a shadowy code of conduct imposed on women leaders, and it turns out that her undercover work was not limited to bad guys: She was also amassing a wealth of evidence about how women leaders are treated and perceived differently in male-dominated environments such as the DEA. June’s twenty five years of investigating and leading, together with a social scientist’s approach originating from her doctorial pursuit, created the unique combination of skills used to uncover this strict pattern of behavior expected of women leaders. In finding ways to survive and thrive in this relatively hostile atmosphere, her reward for successful navigation was a trek to the top.

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To help others, June holds nothing back in tackling thorny subjects like gender stereotypes surrounding PMS, menopause, and cat-fighting. Employing a relaxed and colorful conversational tone, this frank and dynamic commentary’s targeted audience is women leaders and those who mentor them about how to succeed. With provocative titles like Her Faults Are in High Definition, What a Woman Says is Fair Game to Kill or Steal, and Give Her the Post-Partum Blues, each chapter first presents evidence of the standard imposed through captivating anecdotes and then provides powerful advice for successful navigation.

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June Werdlow Rogers, PhD


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