Glensheen’s Daughter – The Marjorie Congdon Story

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On a beautiful summer morning in 1977, shock waves ripped through the Glensheen mansion with the discovery of the bodies of heiress Elisabeth Congdon and her night nurse, Velma Pietila. Glensheen’s Daughter is the fascinating story of the events leading up to the murders and the nightmarish aftermath. It is also the story of a beloved adopted daughter who let nothing, not even a double homicide, stand in the way of her desires.



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In 1932, Elisabeth Congdon, an unmarried heiress to a mining fortune, adopts a three month old baby girl.  The child, Marjorie, grows up in the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota, given everything she could possibly need, or want.

Forty-five years later, Elisabeth, who is beloved throughout the community, is found smothered in her bed. Her night nurse has been bludgeoned to death with a candlestick. Evidence points to Elisabeth’s son-in-law, Roger Caldwell and her adopted daughter Marjorie. This is the inside story of Marjorie Congdon and the stream of mysterious arsons and murders that have followed in her wake.

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Sharon Darby Hendry


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