The Boss of Me is…. ME!

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New Book Helps Teens Avoid Death and Prison

Shock waves ricocheted nationwide with the discovery of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell’s body in late January 2016. The young teen had befriended an 18-year-old on Facebook, slipped unnoticed from her home to meet him, and walked into her death trap. Could her death have been prevented?
With the release of The Boss of Me…is Me, Cable Publishing, Dr. June Rogers, and her co-authors hope to empower teens with the life skills needed to be the bosses of their thinking, attitudes, and actions. The teen notebook addresses a variety of relevant issues including suicide, shoplifting, child molestation, and runaways. Somewhat eerily given the recent news, the accompanying guidebook for discussion leaders notes that one chapter “involves a secret meeting Samantha has planned online with Alan, someone represented to be about her own age. But during the prearranged rendezvous when Samantha actually meets Alan at the movie theatre, she is disturbed not only by him being an adult but also his attempt to convince her to go outside to his van.”

The Boss of Me is…Me! has a Companion Guide available here.

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While concerned mentors constantly convey messages about avoiding trouble and dangerous situations, their pleas alone cannot guarantee safety. Teens must learn to think and act quickly and correctly in order to avert crime, trouble…or tragedy.

Featuring colorful illustrations, The Boss of Me…is Me encourages interactive youth discussions and critical thinking in an adult-guided environment. Each chapter in the accompanying Guide advises discussion leaders what teens are likely to say and suggests a starting point for the conversations. The Guide is filled with tips, and all 20 chapters begin with a preventable crime as well as the presenting challenge. Both books are excellent resources for schools, parents, and all youth organizations.

About the Author:

When interrupting her undergraduate studies at Wayne State University for what turned out to be a short stint as an officer with the Detroit Police Department (DPD), June Werdlow Rogers, PhD, realized she loved policing. Waiting to be called back to the DPD after a layoff, she worked as an officer at Central Michigan University and while there earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Resolute in her decision to work in law enforcement, she next turned to the federal government, becoming a special agent in 1983. She earned her PhD in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of Maryland in 1997.

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4 reviews for The Boss of Me is…. ME!

  1. The authors pull no punches in constructing a variety of edgy scenarios in which youth may either experience harm or be inclined to do harm. In a world where we keep calling for conversation, Rogers has provided us with a useful mechanism for making that happen in a relevant and enduring way.
    –Jackie Boor, Mediator and Restorative Justice Advocate

  2. In penning this invaluable book, the authors have provided every parent, teacher, coach, and youth mentor with a tool that can help their teenagers traverse our uncertain and dangerous world.
    –Jean Scheffler, RN, Mother, and Host Mother to International Teenage Exchange Students

  3. THE BOSS OF ME…IS ME! is character-driven and teaches teens that there is always a way out. Highly recommended for parents, caregivers, and educators working with youth.”
    –Jennifer Bonner, Educator and Vice President of the Michigan AfterSchool Association

  4. A very engaging guidebook that allows for ’energetic’ teen discussions dealing with real-life scenarios and understanding the possible outcomes based on their responses to each scenario.
    –Dr. Diane E. Thornton, National Director, Learning for Life and Exploring

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