Capt. Jepp and the Little Black Book


Capt. Jepp and the Little Black Book is the amazing rags-to-riches story of the son of Danish immigrants who did more to make flying safer than anyone else on the planet. But it is also the thrilling tale of barnstormers, wing walkers, the earliest days of the giant airline companies, and the charismatic man who lived it all.

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7 reviews for Capt. Jepp and the Little Black Book

  1. This is the story of the man, Elrey B. Jeppesen, and it is the story of early commercial aviation in the US. The two are inextricably intertwined. Beyond his friends he would be otherwise forgotten, except for one thing, his little black book. The boy that dropped out of school to help his family make ends meet eventually became wealthy from the company spawned by that little black book. This is a story rich in commercial aviation history, and it is a poignant American success story of an immigrant’s son that turned an idea into a major business, only to be bought-out by forces beyond his control. The book is scrupulously referenced, and a valuable history, but it is also a good story, well told, and easily read.

  2. Every pilot will enjoy this story of aviation pioneer, entrepreneur and businessman Elrey Jeppesen, who literally made the skies safer for everyone.

  3. At last we get to meet the man behind the maps!

  4. I have used Jeppesen Aviation Manuals for over a quarter of a century without giving much thought to their heritage. After reading this book I realize Elrey Jeppesen’s sacrifice and monumental effort in creating this system. A must-read for all pilots interested in the history of the precision and safety of aviation navigation that we use every day.

  5. Capt. Jepp may have been an unknown giant in aviation, but no longer. What a great story! Curtis Lee Brown Space Shuttle Mission Commander

  6. No matter what we fly, or where, we are flying in the trail of a great man: Capt. Jepp, who marked the roads of the sky. As a private pilot and former shuttle astronaut, I have utilized the Jeppesen Charts for over thirty years. We are honored at Seattle’s Museum of Flight to proudly exhibit Capt. Jepp’s original little black book and other priceless artifacts that portray the history of commercial aviation. The book is a must for every pilot, would-be pilot, navigator—or anyone looking for true inspiration.

  7. This is a fascinating story about Capt. Jepp, the man who survived and thrived during aviation’s fledgling years.

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