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    Brule River Country

    Brule River Country ripples with rich and exciting history. From fur traders’ journals and ancient maps to stories of the early settlers and the strife caused by the fervor of a Communist Movement, Brule River Country sweeps through four centuries of unforgettable legend.
  • In an amazing life spanning nine decades, WWII vet Elmer Wisherd’s memoirs begin in a farming family living in North Dakota and Wisconsin to the skies over war-torn Europe and back to the U.S. with a burning passion for all-things aviation. Anticipated release is 2017.
  • Compiled by Jim Pellman and Nan Wisherd. Rare maps and numerous vintage photographs tell the rich history of Old Brule from the French fur-trade era to the earliest days after its organization. Anticipated release is late 2016.
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    The Companion Guide for Discussion Leaders, Parents, and Teen Caregivers: The Boss of Me…is ME!

    This Companion Guide to The Boss of Me...is ME is filled with tips, and all 20 chapters begin with a preventable crime as well as the presenting challenge. Both books are excellent resources for schools, parents, and all youth organizations. Indispensable guide for the teen workbook. Includes detailed information for discussing each chapter in the workbook. View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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    New Book Helps Teens Avoid Death and Prison

    Shock waves ricocheted nationwide with the discovery of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell’s body in late January 2016. The young teen had befriended an 18-year-old on Facebook, slipped unnoticed from her home to meet him, and walked into her death trap. Could her death have been prevented? With the release of The Boss of Me…is Me, Cable Publishing, Dr. June Rogers, and her co-authors hope to empower teens with the life skills needed to be the bosses of their thinking, attitudes, and actions. The teen notebook addresses a variety of relevant issues including suicide, shoplifting, child molestation, and runaways. Somewhat eerily given the recent news, the accompanying guidebook for discussion leaders notes that one chapter “involves a secret meeting Samantha has planned online with Alan, someone represented to be about her own age. But during the prearranged rendezvous when Samantha actually meets Alan at the movie theatre, she is disturbed not only by him being an adult but also his attempt to convince her to go outside to his van.”
    The Boss of Me is...Me! has a Companion Guide available here.
    View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
  • It is the time of Ragnarok, our final fate. The roles and history of the Defenders, Choosers, and Old Ones have always been clear to Daniel, Sebastian, and the Aesir…until now. An old enemy, The Society of the Devil’s Tears, is back and attempting to take control of the world. The Aryans have also returned and seem to have placed a traitor among the Choosers. Who will control the new world order? And who will survive?
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    Internal Conflicts

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    Moving deftly from the epic to the personal and the hilarious to the heart breaking, Internal Conflicts follows Peter Luton, a young, sensitive, idealistic army officer as he searches for sex, love, identity, and meaning in a world turned upside down.
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    About the Author:

    Olaf Danielson was born and raised in the small northwestern Wisconsin town of Falun, a town named for Falun, Sweden, where all of the first settlers originated. Olaf grew up amid the stories and folklore of Sweden, and some of that folklore can be found in his Defenders of the Earth Series. His interests in world history, bird watching, and travel have guided him on a somewhat nomadic lifestyle that greatly enhance his stories. Olaf attended Ripon College, where he graduated summa cum laude, and received his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. Licensed to practice medicine in five states, Olaf now runs a successful emergency room staffing business. He currently lives in the northeastern South Dakota town of Milbank with his very tolerant wife, three children, and a house full of pets.
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    The Ice Trolls

    In 1939, the German cargo ship Erlangen snuck out of a New Zealand harbor and vanished. Three people, destined to shape world history, were aboard this insignificant ship: a wily sea captain, Karl Ehrich; his first mate, Mueller, a seemingly trustworthy man with dual loyality; and Elsa, the beautiful, smart, manipulative member of a shadowy group, the Black Knights, with their own agenda for Germany and the world.
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    No Peace in Exile

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    Book Two of the Defenders of the Earth series. Choosers roam the world seeking young men and women to become Defenders of the Earth, special people with extraordinary powers who strive to keep equilibrium in our world. So when Burke, a Chooser, is murdered, the male Defenders and their spiritual sisters, the powerful Volva, soon realize someone desires their elimination, and it may be one of their own!
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    Book I of the Defenders of the Earth Series On his twenty-fourth birthday, Daniel Nielstrom is abducted from his comfortable life in South Dakota. Many weeks later, he awakes under the blazing sun in an unfamiliar Middle Eastern desert with tattoos covering his body and no real knowledge of what has happened to him. Confused by his newfound circumstances Daniel relies on his innate abilities to begin the treacherous journey back to his life. Except, his old life is gone forever.
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    Chocolate Soup

    Ledge Trabue — Gulf War veteran, sleuth, and adventurer — is finally home and comfortably ensconced at the Colonnade hotel in New Orleans, enjoying his particularly unique lifestyle and his eclectic group of friends. All is well, or so it seems, until his finicky stomach starts its disturbing habit of flip-flopping — Trabue's early-warning system