Now Hiring Criminal Justice Professionals An Insider’s Tips for Seizing the Ethical Edge

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Now Hiring: Criminal Justice Professionals contains essential information for those seeking careers in criminal justice but is filled with helpful tips for everyone entering the job market. A college education is no longer enough. Since selectivity is now the position of all employers, virtually everyone faces some type of background investigation including a Google search. This book provides an insider’s tips on how to get into any exclusive door.

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The standard motivational career counselor would instruct the standard job seeker to always keep this slogan in mind when seeking a career goal: “You are your own best salesperson.”.
June Werdlow-Roger, however, isn’t by any means, ‘standard’. She is above-standard, and her new book is Outstanding. June’s new book goes beyond the standard career guidance slogan by providing detailed instructions on how to be your own best salesperson in getting that job, and how to be the very best professional after landing the job. And those instructions not only advise how to be the best that you can be, but also how to be the most honest, upright and ethical that you can be… and must be… to not only succeed in a criminal justice profession but also to succeed in reducing crime… which is, after all, the primary reason why anyone should seek a career in criminal justice.
June’s book is both a manual and a bible rolled up into one. That’s right… you can actually roll up her book and carry it in your pocket every day of your criminal justice career.

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June Werdlow Rogers, PhD


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