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    The Companion Guide for Discussion Leaders, Parents, and Teen Caregivers: The Boss of Me…is ME!

    This Companion Guide to The Boss of Me...is ME is filled with tips, and all 20 chapters begin with a preventable crime as well as the presenting challenge. Both books are excellent resources for schools, parents, and all youth organizations. Indispensable guide for the teen workbook. Includes detailed information for discussing each chapter in the workbook. View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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    New Book Helps Teens Avoid Death and Prison

    Shock waves ricocheted nationwide with the discovery of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell’s body in late January 2016. The young teen had befriended an 18-year-old on Facebook, slipped unnoticed from her home to meet him, and walked into her death trap. Could her death have been prevented? With the release of The Boss of Me…is Me, Cable Publishing, Dr. June Rogers, and her co-Author_s hope to empower teens with the life skills needed to be the bosses of their thinking, attitudes, and actions. The teen notebook addresses a variety of relevant issues including suicide, shoplifting, child molestation, and runaways. Somewhat eerily given the recent news, the accompanying guidebook for discussion leaders notes that one chapter “involves a secret meeting Samantha has planned online with Alan, someone represented to be about her own age. But during the prearranged rendezvous when Samantha actually meets Alan at the movie theatre, she is disturbed not only by him being an adult but also his attempt to convince her to go outside to his van.”
    The Boss of Me is...Me! has a Companion Guide available here.
    View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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    Med School is a fascinating collection of stories about medical training from over a half century ago, when would-be doctors learned the fundamental lessons of caring for and listening to their patients. One who survived—and thrived—the brutal four-year transformation from an eager, inquisitive student to a young doctor, ready to cure the ills of mankind, relates the stories with compassion, frank honesty, and—best of all—a wonderful sense of humor.
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    Puzzling Symptoms

    Become a medical detective! Let Dr. Clifton K. Meador’s Puzzling Symptoms teach you how to find the cause of mysterious maladies that, even after endless tests and doctor visits, have befuddled the experts.
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    In Cracking the Double Standard Code, June Werdlow Rogers, a retired Special Agent in Charge for the DEA, has brought to light a shadowy code of conduct imposed on women leaders, and it turns out that her undercover work was not limited to bad guys: She was also amassing a wealth of evidence about how women leaders are treated and perceived differently in male-dominated environments such as the DEA. June’s twenty five years of investigating and leading, together with a social scientist’s approach originating from her doctorial pursuit, created the unique combination of skills used to uncover this strict pattern of behavior expected of women leaders. In finding ways to survive and thrive in this relatively hostile atmosphere, her reward for successful navigation was a trek to the top.
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