• Boys of the Brule is a love story about a river and the people who have frequented it - from Paleo Indians to the Ojibwe, European explorers and fur traders, lumbermen, settlers, presidents and sportsmen.
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    Clear the Prop!

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    Memoirs of a World War II TroopCarrier Crew Chief and Life-long Pilot

    Elmer Wisherd’s aviation career begins as a troop carrier crew chief in World War II and ends as the manager of a rural Wisconsin airport. The camaraderie of soldiers during a war, the determination needed to build a successful airport, and the forced landings, crash landings, miracle landings, and planes exploding in flaming infernos are among the many stories of his fascinating career.
  • Serious, at times humorous, Ross Fruen weaves a wonderful tapestry of the connected family, lake and city. Blemishes included. The author seasons the book with nasty political tricks, explosions, riots and a gangster or two.
  • Soldier, scientist, artist, author, and the Johnny Appleseed of American soccer: His was truly a “life in full.” German-born Gottfried K. “Joe” Guennel moved to the U.S. as a young teen. During World War II, he became one of the U.S. Army’s famed “Ritchie Boys” – a highly trained interrogator of German prisoners of war and war criminals. His artistic talent and interest in palynology led him to write and illustrate two well-regarded books. And woven throughout his life was his passion for soccer, which led him from the playgrounds in Germany to the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame.
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    The Communist Chasm

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    They followed a dream, a dream of a better life promised to them by agents of North America’s booming industry owners. It was a dream that led many of them into the Upper Midwest’s deep, dangerous mines and into fierce labor strikes and ruinous blacklistings. Years later and deeply disillusioned, they were promised a Workers’ Paradise by communist recruiters who sent them across the Atlantic Ocean to Russia’s Karelia, where their fate was sealed by Joseph Stalin. The Communist Chasm chronicles how thousands of Communist Finns were lured to their deaths. Once read, the story will never be forgotten.
  • Storm ashore with the Allied forces as they smash through Hitler’s seemingly impenetrable Atlantic Wall. Descend from the clouds with sky troopers who overcame their fear of death to liberate a continent. Be with the decision-makers as they plan Operation Overlord, the invasion that changed the course of history and saved civilization.
  • Take a deep breath, hitch up your pack, and follow me into some of the wildest country imaginable. Grab a forgotten pencil and a musty journal to guide yourself through the childhood trout streams and remembered glades of Barron County. Ride a canoe over roaring rapids and paint a colored portrait in northwestern Wisconsin’s Brule Country wilderness, where legends and lore conspire together and capture one’s soul. Jump into my adventure car for a gambled tour down the Road of Dreams. And listen closely as I whisper the secrets to be found along the suburban trails branching from my own back yard. If you don’t mind getting a bit muddy from the tales and trails of a Wisconsin outdoor journalist, follow me….
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    To The Last Cartridge: WWII part 1

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    To The Last Cartridge Series. This series is a collection of brilliantly written stories of courage and bravery while under fire by one of America’s acclaimed historians.
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    Soldiers on Skis is a pictorial tribute to the 10th Mountain Division. Written by acclaimed military historian Flint Whitlock, their incredible story swoops into history with dozens of stunning photos.
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    Brule River Country

    Brule River Country ripples with rich and exciting history. From fur traders’ journals and ancient maps to stories of the early settlers and the strife caused by the fervor of a Communist Movement, Brule River Country sweeps through four centuries of unforgettable legend.
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    The Boss of Me…is ME! The Companion Guide

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    The Companion Guide for Discussion Leaders, Parents, and Teen Caregivers: The Boss of Me…is ME!

    This Companion Guide to The Boss of Me...is ME is filled with tips, and all 20 chapters begin with a preventable crime as well as the presenting challenge. Both books are excellent resources for schools, parents, and all youth organizations. Indispensable guide for the teen workbook. Includes detailed information for discussing each chapter in the workbook. View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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    The Boss of Me is…. ME!

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    New Book Helps Teens Avoid Death and Prison

    Shock waves ricocheted nationwide with the discovery of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell’s body in late January 2016. The young teen had befriended an 18-year-old on Facebook, slipped unnoticed from her home to meet him, and walked into her death trap. Could her death have been prevented? With the release of The Boss of Me…is Me, Cable Publishing, Dr. June Rogers, and her co-Author_s hope to empower teens with the life skills needed to be the bosses of their thinking, attitudes, and actions. The teen notebook addresses a variety of relevant issues including suicide, shoplifting, child molestation, and runaways. Somewhat eerily given the recent news, the accompanying guidebook for discussion leaders notes that one chapter “involves a secret meeting Samantha has planned online with Alan, someone represented to be about her own age. But during the prearranged rendezvous when Samantha actually meets Alan at the movie theatre, she is disturbed not only by him being an adult but also his attempt to convince her to go outside to his van.”
    The Boss of Me is...Me! has a Companion Guide available here.
    View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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