nansonoraI grew up in the community of Brule, in northwestern Wisconsin, surrounded by the friends and relatives who gave me a deep sense of belonging. On Sunday afternoons, story telling about our ancestors and others who settled in the area was often my family’s entertainment.
Those tales plus my Grandma Jennie’s love for history gave me the desire to learn more about our region’s pre-settlement history.
I knew voyageurs traveled on our local Brule River during the fur trade era, but where they originated from and what their destinations were remained a mystery until I began researching for my first book, Pathways, The Earliest History of Northern Wisconsin’s Brule Region. My second book, Echoes From the Past, is a companion to Pathways and focuses on the early immigrants to the Lake Superior region.
I keep busy running Cable Publishing and Northland Tax Service, Inc. and writing. My husband, Scott, and I enjoy visiting national parks and wildlife refuges and are avid birders.