FlintFlint graduated cum laude from the University of Illinois in 1964 and followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the U. S. Army. While sailing on the last troop carrier transporting military personnel across the Atlantic by sea rather than air, Flint spent the ten-day voyage reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich—a book that greatly influenced his life as a military historian many years later.
Flint served as an officer in Germany for two years before being reassigned to what he calls the “tropical paradise”–Vietnam. After one year in Vietnam, Flint’s final military assignment was at Fort Carson in Colorado. Flint liked the area and planted his roots in Denver.
In 1986, after various jobs including those of a public-relations director for a professional soccer team, journalism instructor, sports columnist, advertising copywriter, art director, creative director, and owner of his own advertising and graphic design agency, Flint began writing military history. Soldiers on Skis; A Pictorial Memoir of the 10th Mountain Division, published in 1992, earned him a Pulitzer Prize nomination in history. In 2003 he realized a long-time dream by becoming a full-time author. His books have been critically acclaimed, and he as been honored with several prizes. Included in his very successful writing career are requests nationwide for speaking engagements and numerous television appearances.
Besides Soldiers on Skis, his books include The Rock of Anzio, The Fighting First, Given Up For Dead, Distant Bugles, Distant Drums, Capt. Jepp and the Little Black Book, and The Depths of Courage.
Flint and Dr. Mary Ann Watson, a college professor and clinical psychologist, were married in 1978 and have three grown children. To stay in shape, Flint skis, plays tennis, and referees high school soccer. His website is www.flintwhitlock.com.