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Brule River Country

Brule River Country

Author: Nan Wisherd
Stage in production: We are working on the manuscript, and finalizing the cover design.
Anticipated release date: early 2016

Synopsis: Nan’s Third book of Lake Superior regional history focuses primarily on the Bois Brule, the River of Presidents. Included are numerous maps dating back centuries with the accompanying history of those times: highlighted pioneer families, Joe Lucious, and Alexander McDougall; and the little-known story of the Communist Movement.


Product Description

I’m going to the Brule…

For some of us who are very lucky, going to the Brule means we are going home.
I learned a lot as I wrote Pathways and Echoes From the Past—both books about the Lake Superior region’s history. While researching for Pathways, I wanted to answer a long-held question: Where did the voyageurs come from, and where were they going as they traversed the Brule? I also learned about logging’s boom period in our region and the important role it played in our local history. Echoes research took me from Upper Michigan’s copper-rich Keweenaw Peninsula to the Mesabi and Vermillion iron ranges in northern Minnesota so I could understand how important the mining industries were to the eventual permanent settlement of our area.
Now, with Brule River Country, I’m focusing on the area I know the best and love the most. Included are maps with the various names of the Brule River through history; a segment of the Brule River Country’s history in 1906; family stories; the Co-op Park; and a fascinating chapter titled The Communist Chasm.
I hope you will enjoy the stories, and maybe you’ll discover something you never knew before. I think of this, my third regional history book, somewhat like a favorite old, comfortable slipper… Something I can pick up anytime and evoke fond memories of an historic past in a beloved, unforgettable area. I’m going to the Brule.


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