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    Brule River Country

    Brule River Country ripples with rich and exciting history. From fur traders’ journals and ancient maps to stories of the early settlers and the strife caused by the fervor of a Communist Movement, Brule River Country sweeps through four centuries of unforgettable legend.
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    The Companion Guide for Discussion Leaders, Parents, and Teen Caregivers: The Boss of Me…is ME!

    This Companion Guide to The Boss of Me...is ME is filled with tips, and all 20 chapters begin with a preventable crime as well as the presenting challenge. Both books are excellent resources for schools, parents, and all youth organizations. Indispensable guide for the teen workbook. Includes detailed information for discussing each chapter in the workbook. View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
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    New Book Helps Teens Avoid Death and Prison

    Shock waves ricocheted nationwide with the discovery of 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell’s body in late January 2016. The young teen had befriended an 18-year-old on Facebook, slipped unnoticed from her home to meet him, and walked into her death trap. Could her death have been prevented? With the release of The Boss of Me…is Me, Cable Publishing, Dr. June Rogers, and her co-authors hope to empower teens with the life skills needed to be the bosses of their thinking, attitudes, and actions. The teen notebook addresses a variety of relevant issues including suicide, shoplifting, child molestation, and runaways. Somewhat eerily given the recent news, the accompanying guidebook for discussion leaders notes that one chapter “involves a secret meeting Samantha has planned online with Alan, someone represented to be about her own age. But during the prearranged rendezvous when Samantha actually meets Alan at the movie theatre, she is disturbed not only by him being an adult but also his attempt to convince her to go outside to his van.”
    The Boss of Me is...Me! has a Companion Guide available here.
    View a sample chapter of The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf) View the corresponding sample chapter of The Companion Guide to The Boss of Me is...ME! (pdf)
  • Sale! Boobies, Peckers, and Tits: One Man's Naked Perspective

    About the Author:

    Olaf Danielson was born and raised in the small northwestern Wisconsin town of Falun, a town named for Falun, Sweden, where all of the first settlers originated. Olaf grew up amid the stories and folklore of Sweden, and some of that folklore can be found in his Defenders of the Earth Series. His interests in world history, bird watching, and travel have guided him on a somewhat nomadic lifestyle that greatly enhance his stories. Olaf attended Ripon College, where he graduated summa cum laude, and received his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. Licensed to practice medicine in five states, Olaf now runs a successful emergency room staffing business. He currently lives in the northeastern South Dakota town of Milbank with his very tolerant wife, three children, and a house full of pets.
  • Sale! Dancing Through Darkness

    Dancing through Darkness


    Dancing Through Darkness

    The unforgettable story of Saartje and Chaim, two inmates at the Sobibor Death Camp and members of the greatest escape from any Nazi camp. Based on the diary and memories of Saartje, readers are taken from her early life in Holland to the horrors of Sobibor and, finally, to life in America. Dancing Through Darkness will be available at the end of May, 2016. You may pre-order NOW!
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    This is the complete book about the airplane that became the standard of the industry... the Beechcraft Bonanza! How it all started in 1944... the original design team and their early efforts to find the ideal airplane for the postwar market... how and why the V-tail was chosen... aerodynamics of the V-tail and early testing... Bonanza power plants, both production and experimental such as the over-under arrangement of two 4 cylinder Franklins... Walter Beech and the Bonanza... a rare photo of the first flight (with a Lycoming engine and a laminar flow wing)... the Bonanza wind tunnel testing... Bell Aircraft and the V-tail... the Beechcraft Grizzly... flight test of the radio controlled drone Bonanza... the V-tail AT-10... the Beechcraft Twin Quad, the largest V-tail aircraft ever built... Staggerwing influence... structural testing... the 35R... the Bevo Howard and the A35 he flew aerobatics in at Cleveland in 1948... the Air Force and Navy Mentor Trainers developed from the Bonanza design... the Bonanza long distance flights... the birth of the Debonair... why the "straight" tail... the Bonanza 36... little known military Bonanzas... Bonanza modifications... the American Bonanza Society and the first meeting in Wichita... complete specifications of all the Bonanza models (including the 33s and 36s)... the significant changes from model to model and even the changes that occurred during the production run of each model... experimental Bonanzas such as the O35 that never saw production, and much, much, more... literally everything from the beginning of the idea all the way up to 1972 production.
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    The venerable Twin Beech has always been the airplane someone was going to write a book about. Its long production run of 32 years easily justified the effort but of even greater significance has been its varied and useful life. The only other twin engine, piston powered airplane to enjoy a compararable existence is, of course the famed Douglas DC-3, already the subject of several good books. For this book though the author's purpose was to tell the ongoing history of a unique airplane: one that not only 'built' a company, but served equally well in peace, war, and peace again. To this end, the many different environments... other aircraft manufacturers, and other airplanes of that time... are included to provide the context in which the development of the Twin Beech... its early production and sales... wartime production and use and postwar success... can be more easily understood and appreciated.
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    They Called Me Mr. Bonanza is in some respects a continuation of Those Incomparable Bonanzas. There is a section of the book devoted to all the Bonanza models from 1972 through 1990, but another focus of the book is about life at Beech Aircraft Corporation from experience as a Bonanza customer service representative all the way to Program Manager for both the Bonanza and Baron. In this book you will also learn how the Model 36 Bonanza came about... what caused the Aerobatic Bonanza to be developed... more on the V-Tail... how the vertical instrument program came to be... the name change from Debonair to Bonanza... what happened to the Beechcraft 38P Lightning... why the G33 Bonanza... and much more. There is also a section on Bonanza and Travel Air design concepts studied from 1946 through 1968 by Engineering's preliminary design group.
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    This book tells the complete, never before told story of Beech Aircraft's recognition of the need for a true light twin engine airplane in the mid 1950s - a need to fill the large market gap between the ever popular single engine Bonanza and the much larger (and more expensive) Model 50 Twin Bonanza.
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    The Lady Gangster

    This remarkable story began in 1967 with a broken car radio and a father-and-son’s cross-country trek. The two had been making uncomfortable small talk until the son asked, “Dad, will you tell me what you did in the war?” The father’s answer is the amazing first-hand account of the USS Fuller, The Lady Gangster, an attack transport ship and its courageous crew of “Chicago Boys” who transformed from wide-eyed new recruits to weathered “Old Salts” braving enemy attacks while delivering troops and supplies during many of the toughest battles waged in the South Pacific during World War II. It is also the poignant tale of how a simple question forged a lasting bond between a father and his son.
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    On a beautiful summer morning in 1977, shock waves ripped through the Glensheen mansion with the discovery of the bodies of heiress Elisabeth Congdon and her night nurse, Velma Pietila. Glensheen’s Daughter is the fascinating story of the events leading up to the murders and the nightmarish aftermath. It is also the story of a beloved adopted daughter who let nothing, not even a double homicide, stand in the way of her desires.    
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    Long before the 9/11 Muslim extremist attacks on America, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) earned a frightening nationwide reputation as “homeland” terrorists. They kidnapped publishing heiress Patty Hearst, robbed numerous banks, and bombed police cars. In Los Angeles, several members met a fiery end after a horrific gun battle with police. The surviving members fled and began new lives with new identities. SoLiAh is the tale of a terrorist--one SLA survivor, Kathleen Soliah, who hid in plain sight for over twenty years as Sara Jane Olson, a popular gourmet cook and devoted soccer mom with a loving husband and three talented daughters, until discovered in America’s Heartland and brought to justice.