• The Sky is My Office
    In an amazing life spanning nine decades, WWII vet Elmer Wisherd’s memoirs begin in a farming family living in North Dakota and Wisconsin to the skies over war-torn Europe and back to the U.S. with a burning passion for all-things aviation. Anticipated release is 2017.
  • Old Brule
    Compiled by Jim Pellman and Nan Wisherd. Rare maps and numerous vintage photographs tell the rich history of Old Brule from the French fur-trade era to the earliest days after its organization. Anticipated release is late 2016.
  • To The Last Cartridge Series. Author: Robert Barr Smith Anticipated release of Book 1 and 2: Late 2016 Synopsis: This series will be a collection of brilliantly written stories of courage and bravery while under fire by one of America’s acclaimed historians.
  • Author: Flint Whitlock. Anticipated release: late 2016 This companion book to the highly acclaimed Buchenwald Trilogy is a stunning pictorial history of what was arguably the Nazi’s worst camp.
  • Author: Nan Wisherd Anticipated release date: 2017 Synopsis: In 1986, a group of thirty-three people from Duluth, Minnesota, anxiously peered through the windows of their train as it chugged into Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Soviet Union’s province of Karelia. The Duluthians had named Petrozavodsk their sister city and had decided to travel to the city with plans of forging ties. As they stepped off the train, hoping that someone in the waiting crowd would understand English, the enthusiastic greetings in perfect English were shocking. Their welcoming committee at the train station had once been Midwesterners who had moved with their parents to the Soviet Union more than a half-century earlier. The Iron Curtain and Cold War had securely sealed them from the family and friends they’d left behind and, as the years passed, one of the most interesting chapters in pre-WWII history was in danger of being lost forever….